“I am very happy with Hunter’s progress in school, he is doing much better showing respect both for others and school property. I am very impressed at the care your Karate school puts into talking with the childeren about things like respect and dicipline and it really shows in your students!”

Mrs. Thomopson

School Teacher, Mercer County

Why trust us to teach your child?

Little Dragons KarateOur Little Dragon program was specially designed for the stages of development of 4 & 5-year olds. We’ve collected scientific and psychological resources regarding this age group, and used that information to ensure that our program meets each child’s characteristics and capabilities.

Our Power Dragon program is designed for older children (5 – 7) or for more advanced children from the Little Dragon program. Theses are some of they key benefits of our Pre-School & Kindergarden Programs:

Character Development:

  1. Learn how to tell the truth
  2. Learn how to share
  3. Learn how to maintain good manners
  4. Learn how to be respectful of others

Behavior Development:

  1. Learning how to take turns
  2. Learn how to be respectful when others are speaking
  3. Learn the importance of cleaning their room
  4. Learn the importance of obeying their parents
  5. Learn the importance of not misusing their martial arts

Motor Skills:

Although the younger children learn some very basic karate techniques, our key goal is to develop the children’s motor skills. At these early stages of development, most children are working on learning simple motor skills and our martial arts program helps by teaching several structured skills such as:

  1. Jumping
  2. Running
  3. Balance
  4. Pulling & Retracting
  5. Stepping (in multiple directions)

Qualified Instructors & Facility:

Our school has been teaching childeren and adults in the Princeton and surrounding areas since 1990. We understand that your child deserves high quality instruction and strive to meet and exceed this expectation. Our instructors are nationally certified and renew their certification on a yearly basis. Our instructors also participate in numerous continuing education seminars throughout the year in order to bring fresh ideas and cutting edge instruction to our classroom. Our wonderful and patient instructors love interacting with the kids and insure that our classes are a fun learning experience. As you would expect our facility is safe, clean, and uses only the most professional equipment, including Olympic quality mats and industry approved training aids. Our school is also licensed by the USA Martial Arts Federation and the United States National Karate Do Federation, the national governing body of sport karate in the United States.

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