We firmly believe you have made the right choice in taking this first step toward taking personal responsibility for your own safety.  For a person to learn and retain the skills of they must be practiced on a regular basis. We realize not everyone has the time to participate in a full time martial arts class, but we want to highly recommend them.

At USA Martial Arts, we believe that self-defense is an inalienable human right, you should never feel like you are obligated to be a victim of violent crime!  You need to know what belongs to you – your space, your body, and your mental or emotional status in order to be able to defend it. You need to believe in your self-worth in order to defend yourself. You need to know it is not okay for others to take from you – whether it’s something physical like your wallet, or something more intangible like your motivation and dreams.

The first step to learning self-defense is accepting the fact that we live in a dangerous and violent world. To think otherwise is both naive and irresponsible on your part. In the violent world we live in today, you actually have only two choices: forget about self-defense, cross your fingers and hope for the best; or accept the responsibility of learning to protect yourself and your loved ones from the realities of violence that surround you every day. Obviously, we believe that the second option is the only real choice.

Your body is more capable than you think; you have a number of natural weapons, which can be used to great effect against vulnerable targets on your attacker.  Although self-defense can be studied at length, the reality is basic techniques tend to be the most effective, and in this course we will show you many basic techniques that build upon each other.  Using this methodology you will be more likely to retain the information and develop a muscle memory through repeated practice to increase your chances of using them successfully.

USA Martial Arts is sought out not only for quality instruction in traditional martial arts, but also in personal protection and self-defense.

We currently have active progams in:

Police and Security Tactics

Self Defense for EMS (Medical Providers)

Self Defense and Personal Protection

Conceal Carry via NRA Law Enforcement certified instructors

The Next Women’s Self Defense Seminar is on March 10, 2023 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Cost is $30 for outside members, and free to dojo members and mothers of students, signup by clicking the “Buy Now” button below

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